The water amusement equipment is mechanical equipment and is composed of various components. During the process of use, some parts will be worn. If the wear is serious, the equipment may not operate properly and even cause accidents. So how to solve the problem of water play equipment wear?

Lubrication. If the wearing parts of the water amusement equipment are lubricated, the friction generated between the parts can be reduced,  the wear also can be reduced;

If there is an error in the installation position of the water amusement equipment, there will be wear. Therefore, in order to reduce wear, we need to improve the accuracy of the installation;

It is also very important to keep the water amusement equipment clean, because some dust will also cause the children’s water amusement equipment to wear out.

Do the maintenance work of the water amusement equipment, minimize the wear of the parts, and ensure that the water amusement equipment always runs in the best condition to avoid accidents.

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