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Phoenix Tail Nozzle

The basic factors that hydrotherapy plays a therapeutic role are:The temperature of the water used for temperature stimulation is higher or lower than the temperature of the human body. Warm and cold stimuli can cause the human body to react completely differently. The response to cold stimuli is fast and intense. The response to warm stimuli is slower and not strong . The greater the difference between water temperature and body temperature, the stronger the response, the wider the range of temperature stimulus, and the larger the area, the stronger the stimulus. The duration of the effect is proportional to the degree of response within a certain time range. After a long period of time, it can cause paralysis, and repeated application of temperature stimulus will weaken the response, so the stimulus intensity should be gradually increased during the hydrotherapy to maintain sufficient response.

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Mechanical stimulation A variety of mechanical stimuli are included in the spa.
Hydrostatic pressure stimulation: In ordinary bathtub, the hydrostatic pressure is 40 ~ 60g / cm. When the patient takes a bath, the chest and abdomen feel a sense of compression, and there is a degree of difficulty in breathing. The patient needs to breathe hard to compensate. Regulates gas metabolism. Hydrostatic pressure affects blood circulation and compresses blood vessels and lymphatic vessels on the body surface, which can increase the return of body fluids and cause redistribution of body fluids in the body.
Shock stimulation of water flow: shower, direct spray bath, needle shower all produce great mechanical stimulation. Clinically, an omnidirectional water flow of 2 to 3 atmospheres is used to impact the human body. At this time, mechanical stimulation is dominant, and the water temperature may be lower, but it causes obvious vasodilation and excites the nervous system.
Buoyancy: According to Archimedes’ principle, an object immersed in water is subjected to an upward buoyancy (its size is equal to the weight of the same volume of water excluded by the object). Based on buoyancy, it is less laborious to move in water. The human body loses about 9/10 of its body weight in water. The use of immersion baths in patients with bedsores, burns, and polyneuritis can relieve the body’s pressure, and at the same time, it can perform water sports with the help of water buoyancy. It is easier for patients with joint stiffness to move in water. Muscle spasms and atrophy can be treated with water gymnastics and massage.

Chemical Stimulation Water in freshwater baths contains trace minerals. If a small amount of mineral salts, drugs and gases are added to the water, the stimulation of these chemical substances can enhance the effect of hydrotherapy and make the body obtain a special therapeutic effect.


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