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Stainless steel hair collector

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Stainless Steel Hair Collector

The hair concentrator is the equipment of the circulating water treatment system. The erosive water in the swimming pool is mixed with a large amount of sediment, stones, debris, hair and other pumps. It is intercepted and collected by the hair concentrator, and its filtering and throttling The effect of this not only threatens the life of the pump, but also has a great impact on the filtration of the water purifier.The hair filter is a pretreatment device in the circulating water treatment of a swimming pool, which mainly removes fibers, hair and large solid debris in the pool.

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1. Stainless steel 304 # main body, stainless steel filter basket, high strength and corrosion resistance.
2. Quick opening structure at the top for quick opening and easy cleaning.
3. The inlet and outlet are at the same height, and the GB flange interface is convenient for installation.
4. Set venting device at the bottom.
5. Standard filter aperture 3mm.
6. Special specifications can be customized.

The hair concentrator is mainly used in the water treatment and circulating water treatment system of the swimming pool, as a pre-filtration treatment, to remove hair, fibers and large suspended matter in the water, so as not to entangle the impeller of the circulating water pump, and ensure the normal operation of the subsequent system equipment.
Working principle: There is a strainer inside the equipment. Raw water is filtered through the internal metal strainer to block debris in the strainer, and purified water flows out. The bottom of the container is provided with a sewage outlet, which can remove debris, hair, fibers and other debris, and the filter can be removed from the inside for cleaning.


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