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Traditional Family slide with raft in water park

Guest Capacity 4-6 guests
Ages:14-40 years

Typical tower height:10-15m

Flume Width:2.6m

Typical occupy area:1000

Guest Capacity:4 persons/raft

Hourly Capacity:400 guests/h

Typical flow:500m3/h

Typical power:30kw/h

Sliding method:rafts

Traditional Family slide with raft in water park  

Product description

Riders take on a raft in the shape of a clover, grasp handles on both sides, and slide down along the way with its own gravity under water lubrication conveniently. Through many times  steep fall on the slide, riders will experience wonderful feeling during the way as if they are sliding in the waves. When entering buffer section, they will slow down and stop on the buffer section ending with a nice journey.

Family slide with raft is very suitable for families to play. The raft taken by riders is made of PVC thickening membrane and full of gas inside the raft. Seat and handles are on the raft and the total weight should be less than 5kg. Riders will take the raft to the slide tower and the material of tower should be steel or concrete.

Fashional design
High security
NameTraditional Family slide with raft in water park
Typical Tower height8-20m
Product Typewater slide,raft slide
Flume thickness6-8mm
Suitable playersAdults,Families,Children
Minimum order quantity1 pc
Delivery time30-60 days after received deposit 


-We have a strong professional engineers team with more than thirty engineers!

-Experienced construction team.

-Independent after-sales service department.

-Professional water handler system.

-Most advanced five-axis CNC technology production mode.

-With more than 500 project experiences all over the world, we can provide one-stop quality service to our customers.

* The color chart is reference from Royal DSM,the global leading Gel coat materials supplier

* Fiberglass


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