More and more investors choose to invest  children water park. This investment is simple, once investment, long-term return characteristics make it very popular with investors.

But children’s water park wants to make money. The main point is the service level should be improved. The service level of the children’s water park is the key to the customer’s satisfaction with the children’s water park.

Clerk recruitment

Including learning the rules and regulations of the water park, the attitude for customers, guiding of the water park equipment, etc., only the clerk accepts the professional training completely, they can improve the overall park service level.

Keep the park clean and tidy

If parents find that the water quality in the park is not good and there are many impurities, it is difficult to bring the children to play for the second time. So it is very necessary to keep the water clean and clean the park every day.

Service personnel specific standards

1 Appearance: need dress working-clothing, wear service signs; dignified and generous, serious, quick response, full of energy, natural expression, kind.

2 Manners: civilized and dignified.

3 language: polite, concise

4 Attitude: courtesy, smiling service, enthusiasm, sincerity, patience, initiative service

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